Mari mari emmanuel stabbed Video

In a shocking incident that has left the Assyrian community in Sydney reeling, Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel was brutally stabbed during a church service at the Christ the Good Shepherd church in Wakeley. The “Sydney church stabbing,” which was captured on “video,” occurred on Monday evening, barely 48 hours after another mass stabbing in a Sydney shopping centre that claimed six lives.

The disturbing “Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel stabbed video” shows an unidentified man in a black hoodie confronting the bishop during his sermon, before repeatedly stabbing him in the face and neck. The congregation can be heard screaming in horror as they rush to the bishop’s aid. Father Isaac Rayel and two other men were also injured in the “Assyrian Orthodox church stabbing.”

Mari mari emmanuel stabbed Video

Police have arrested a 15-year-old boy in connection with the “Mar Mari Emmanuel stabbing footage.” The suspect, who was known to police but not a regular attendee of the church, was apprehended by worshippers and taken to an undisclosed location. He is currently being treated for severe hand injuries, with rumors circulating that he may have had a finger cut off by angry congregants in the aftermath of the attack.

The motive behind the “Wakeley church stabbing” remains unclear, although reports suggest that the suspect mentioned the bishop’s involvement in his religion as a possible reason for the attack. Acting Assistant Commissioner Andrew Holland confirmed that the boy is “fairly upset and fairly distraught” and has requested to speak with his parents.

Mari mari emmanuel stabbed Video

The “footage of stabbing attack on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel in Wakeley church” has sent shockwaves through the Assyrian community, with riots breaking out near the church as news of the attack spread. A mob of around 2,000 people gathered at the scene, forcing police to deploy tear gas in an attempt to restore order. Several police officers were injured during the unrest.

Crowds also formed at Liverpool Hospital, where some of the injured, including “Father Isaac Rayel stabbed,” were taken for treatment, causing the hospital to go into lockdown. The Assyrian Church of the East posted a statement on Facebook, confirming that Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel and Father Isaac Rayel were among the injured and asking for prayers for both the wounded and the perpetrator.

The attack on Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel, as seen in the “video of Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel being stabbed in Sydney church,” comes just 48 hours after another tragic mass stabbing in Sydney, which claimed the lives of six people at a shopping centre. The attacker in that incident was shot dead by a police officer. The two stabbings have raised concerns about the rise of violence in the city and the need for increased security measures.

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