Unravel The Mystery About Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral

Yo, there’s this crazy viral thing going on that’s got everyone talking! It’s about this video of the famous “Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral” couple from Punjab. You know, Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur, the husband and wife who started that cool street food business.

Apparently, some private video of them leaked online, and now it’s spreading like wildfire on social media. But here’s the twist – Sehaj claims the video is totally fake and made using AI! He says someone was trying to extort money from them by threatening to release the video. All information will be available on our website at

Unravel The Mystery About Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral
Unravel The Mystery About Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral

Things got even crazier when this YouTuber dude, Karan Dutta, got involved. Sehaj accused him of spreading the fake video, but Karan denied it and said Sehaj was lying. It’s like a whole drama unfolding online!

No one really knows what’s true and what’s not. Is the video real or just some crazy AI deepfake? Was there really an extortion attempt? Who’s telling the truth here? The whole “Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral” thing has everyone confused and debating like crazy.

It just shows how wild stuff can get on the internet these days. One minute you’re a famous street food star, and the next, you’re caught up in a viral scandal!

Viral stuff happens fast online. A street food couple got caught up in a big controversy. Sehaj Arora and Gurpreet Kaur run the famous ‘Kulhad Pizza’ business. A private video claiming to show them started spreading wildly.

Sehaj and Gurpreet went from humble street vendors to social media celebrities. Their innovative kulhad pizza concept was a big hit. People loved their story of love, hard work and tasty food. But then this supposed private video appeared online.

Sehaj insists the video is fake and maybe used AI trickery. But it spread like wildfire across platforms. There were even claims of extortion attempts related to the video. A YouTuber named Karan Dutta also got involved, accused of sharing the clip. He denied doing anything wrong.

The whole ‘Kulhad Pizza viral video’ saga raises big questions. How does sudden fame impact privacy? The power of social media to make or break reputations overnight. Navigating the ups and downs of online virality.

This controversy explores the challenges modern celebrities face. Balancing public persona and personal lives in the digital age is tricky. The Kulhad Pizza couple’s resilience is admirable as the dramatic events unfold.

There is a big fight about a private video of the Kulhad Pizza couple. The video shows them in a bad situation. It spread very fast online. Everyone is talking about it.

Sehaj Arora says the video is fake. He says it was made using AI technology. He says it is not real and was made to damage their good name.

But then someone tried to get money from them. This person sent the “fake” video to Sehaj and his wife on Instagram. They asked for a lot of money. When the couple didn’t pay, the person shared the video online for everyone to see.

Unravel The Mystery About Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral
Unravel The Mystery About Kulhad Pizza New Video Viral

A famous YouTuber named Karan Dutta is also involved. People say he helped spread the video. But Karan denies this. He made videos saying Sehaj is lying. He says he did nothing wrong.

So now nobody knows what is true. Is the video real or fake? Did Karan really share it? There are many different stories. We don’t know who is telling the truth.

This shows the problems of being famous online. Private videos and lies can spread so easily. It’s a very confusing situation.

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