Ariyah Lynch Mcdonald’s Video: Shocking Footage Reveals Brutal Assault

In a harrowing display of violence, a video has surfaced depicting a vicious brawl outside a McDonald’s restaurant, where a teenage employee, Ariyah Lynch, fell victim to a ruthless attack. The Ariyah Lynch Mcdonald’s video, which has left viewers aghast, captures the moment when a man, identified by police as Ricks, violently assaults Lynch, leaving her with severe injuries that necessitated surgery. This shocking incident has not only shaken the local community but has also raised concerns about the safety of fast-food workers nationwide.

Ariyah Lynch Mcdonald's Video: Shocking Footage Reveals Brutal Assault
Ariyah Lynch Mcdonald’s Video: Shocking Footage Reveals Brutal Assault

The disturbing video showcases the brutal assault on Ariyah Lynch, a McDonald’s employee, by an individual identified as Ricks. As Lynch attempts to stand up after being pushed to the ground, Ricks strikes her on the back of the head before grabbing her hair and dragging her down. Shockingly, while Lynch lies dazed on the floor, the assailant raises his foot and stomps on her head, causing it to slam against the concrete. The vicious attack left Lynch with a broken nose and numerous lacerations, requiring surgical intervention. Ricks now faces charges of assault and property damage for his role in the incident.

The altercation began when Ricks exhibited hostile behavior while attempting to use the drive-thru. Lynch recounted, “It was getting loud and obnoxious in the drive-thru, so we said, ‘If you want to get your order, come inside.'” As Ricks and his companions entered the restaurant, they began spitting at the staff and attempting to swing at them. The situation quickly escalated to the disturbing level captured in the Ariyah Lynch Mcdonald’s video.

Details of Mcdonald's attack video content
Details of Mcdonald’s attack video content

The attack has had a profound impact on Ariyah Lynch, both physically and emotionally. “To be stomped on by a grown man? I was not prepared for what was about to happen,” Lynch expressed. Her mother, Shawnunique Phillips, described the family as “shattered” by the incident. In a GoFundMe post seeking assistance with medical expenses, Phillips shared, “This attack is a life-changing experience for her. Please keep Ariyah in your prayers.”

Ricks, who is set to appear in court on April 25th in connection with the assault, has a history of criminal offenses. Since 2016, this career criminal has faced charges of theft, fraud, disorderly conduct, speeding, and littering. In April of the previous year, he was also arrested for a serious assault charge.

 Ricks' Criminal History
Ricks’ Criminal History

As the investigation continues, with police working to identify additional victims and suspects involved in the altercation, the local McDonald’s owner, Jimmy Williams, has emphasized the importance of ensuring the safety of both employees and customers. With strict policies against workplace violence in place, Williams and his team are fully cooperating with the St. Louis County police in their investigation.

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